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Friends of Brass,
    It's been several months since we last saw you with an epic turnout 
for our rescheduled Spring Marble and Brass concert. Last season was 
record breaking in terms of concert attendance, and we forged new ground 
and partnerships. We been scheming and plotting to try to make the 
upcoming year live up to the standard, and it's going to be a good one!
    First, however, it is with some disappointment that we inform you 
that Drew Mazurek, ace trumpeter and founding member of Brass, will be 
taking a leave of absence as he continues to recover from his inner ear 
issue. Drew is in good health and still an active part of what we do, he 
simply can't play the trumpet until this issue is resolved. We look 
forward to his return, which we hope will be in the Spring.
    Along with this development, we have decided to postpone recording 
the Christmas CD we mentioned to you back in the Spring. It doesn't feel 
right to go forward with that project without Drew, so we will resume 
work on it when he is back up to speed.
    Joining us this season to fill Drew's shoes will be John Ehrenburg. 
Some of you saw him perform with us at the Spring show; he has done a 
few other gigs with us, and we couldn't be happier to have him aboard. 
You can read more about John on our webpage at 
    We will be announcing our concerts soon. In the meantime, to whet 
your appetite, here area couple of tidbits:

    * The world premiere of an advent program written by our own Junius
      Johnson reflecting on the spiritual meaning of many favorite
      Christmas songs.
    * The Beatles!
    * Several concerts in celebration of the 50th anniversary of our
      home performing space, the incomparable Beinecke Library!

So stay tuned for dates and details! We look forward to seeing you all 
very soon and sharing more of our music with you!

Serious Music, Serious Fun


Drew Mazurek, trumpets
Olivia Malin, trumpets
Junius Johnson, horn
Jennifer Griggs, trombone
Jason Arnold,tuba

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