[Brass] Reflections and Happy Holidays

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Dear friends,
     A lot has been going o in our little corner of the world. As 
musicians, we are deeply committed to the power of music to transcend 
everyday life, and believe that often that which we find so difficult to 
express in words may find expression in the haunting melodies and 
complex harmonies where we toil daily.
     So we have added 3 new sound clips to the media page of our 
website. The first is the movement "Tantum Ergo"
from Dave Brubeck's /To Hope: A Celebration/. We were honored to 
participate in this performance with Dave's sons, all excellent 
musicians, and we wanted to share part of that performance in memory of 
this great man who has walked among us.
     Secondly, you will find a recording of the Coventry Carol from our 
recent /Adventus Christi /concert. This carol honors the sacrifice and 
loss of the mothers whose children were slain by Herod in his attempt to 
kill the baby Jesus. We offer it with deep pain and hurt for the 
families of the Sandy Hook tragedy, along with our condolences and support.
     Both of the above recordings are live, which gives them a rawness 
and an edge that we feel to be appropriate to the visceral nature of 
loss. Grief doesn't often get the details right: we snap at people, we 
fail to be compassionate to those who are compassionate to us. But 
grief, even when it "misses a note," is honest, and is a true cry of the 
soul. These performances, we think, capture some of that.
     Lastly, to honor you, our loyal fans, who came out in record 
numbers to see us at /Sounds of the Season/, we are posting a recording 
of Charlie Brown Christmas from that concert. You have raised the bar 
high with 224 in attendance: your overwhelming support continues to 
humble and inspire us. We will see you in the Spring!

Serious Music, Serious Fun


Drew Mazurek, trumpets
Olivia Malin, trumpets
Junius Johnson, horn
Jennifer Griggs, trombone
Jason Arnold,tuba

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