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    We hope you have come safely through the series of recent storms, 
and that all of you have something like your normal lives restored. 
Perhaps we are getting far enough away from Sandy that it sounds trite 
to say these things, but it is important that those of us who have not 
lost much not forget that for those who have lost everything, the path 
to recovery is a slow and long one. We am happy to report that all the 
members of Brass are doing well.
    There are two chances to hear us coming up. The first is on November 
30th at 6:00 pm, when Brass will perform a program written by our own 
Junius Johnson entitled: /Adventus Christi: A Theological Journey 
Through Music./ The program features a series of reflections on the 
spiritual lessons embedded in popular sacred Christmas carols and 
secular Christmas songs. The concert will alternate between a reading of 
these reflections, and performance of the music in the style of a 
service of lessons and carols. The performance will be at the Marquand 
Chapel at the Yale Divinity School, 409 Prospect St. in New Haven.
    After that, we cast aside our seriousness to return with all of our 
accustomed levity for /Sounds of the Season/, our annual holiday concert 
at the Beinecke, on Dec. 5th at 5:15 pm. Last year we shattered the 
attendance record with a standing room only 220 guests, so come early to 
get a good spot! We and our hosts at the Beinecke are anticipating 
another great celebration, with a reception to follow.
    We hope to see you soon, and look forward to sharing these exciting 
performances with you!

Serious Music, Serious Fun


Drew Mazurek, trumpets
Olivia Malin, trumpets
Junius Johnson, horn
Jennifer Griggs, trombone
Jason Arnold,tuba

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