[Bulldog Cube Club] Meeting Today Canceled

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 04:16:03 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

Dennis, Kevin, and Anthony will all be attending or performing in the 
Saybrook College Orchestra's season premiere concert, which starts at 
8PM in Battell Chapel, so they've decided to cancel today's BCC meeting.

However, some updates: We've opened a bank account for the Bulldog Cube 
Club at Wells Fargo and have wire transferred the money to purchase 
2,500 Rubik's Cubes (total cost $945, including all handling, 
processing, and shipping fees).  The cubes may take up to a month to 
arrive, so we've decided to postpone our Rubik's Cube mosaic exhibit to 
next semester.  However, once the cubes arrive, we can start building 
mosaics.  We're also currently talking with Chairigami Zach about 
building a custom cardboard mount to assemble our cube mosaic on.

Have a great weekend!


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