[Bulldog Cube Club] Rubik's Cube Mosaic + Fri Meeting in ES

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 22:47:05 EDT 2011

Hey hey,

We got awarded $500 in Sudler funding for our Rubik's Cube mosaic 
project!  Right now, we're calling it Yale^3 ("Yale Cubed"), but feel 
free to suggest alternative names.  The description we submitted in our 
Sudler funding application was:

    Yale3 ("Yale Cubed") is a Bulldog Cube Club project in which we
    attempt to recreate images of Yale using only Rubik's cubes. The
    cubes will be placed in a rectangular grid and properly
    color-oriented to generate impressionistic paintings of Yale's
    college crests, iconic buildings, and beautiful landscapes. We will
    then take photos of these creations and use all of the cubes to make
    a final mosaic that will go on display along with the photos in an
    art exhibit.

You can see some examples of mosaics we might make here - 
<http://pantheon.yale.edu/%7Eah59/cubeMosaics.html> - these images were 
created by Kevin Zhou (BK '15) in PhotoShop.  If you have other ideas or 
suggestions, please share!

Right now, we're also applying for $300 of UOFC funding.  We've 
submitted our application, but before UOFC can grant us the money, they 
need "a letter of proof of storage" of the Rubik's Cubes we plan to 
buy.  Basically, they need proof that we have arranged to store the 
Rubik's Cubes we are buying somewhere and are not keeping them for 
ourselves.  Kevin and I have already asked our Master's Office (ES and 
BK) if they had storage space, but they said they didn't.  Could some of 
you in other colleges ask your Master's Offices if they have any storage 
room?  We need a "letter of proof of storage" in order to get UOFC 
funding.  With our combined $800 of funding, we hope to buy around 2000 
Rubik's Cubes, and the storage needed for them would only be about three 
20" x 20" x 20" boxes.  If anybody knows any other place we can store 
the cubes, please let us know.

This Friday's 7-8 PM meeting will be back in the Ezra Stiles Common 
Room.  After trying several common rooms, it seems the ES one worked 
best, so we'll stick to ES for the rest of the semester.  Hope to see 
you guys there, and as always, bring any friends who are interested in 
cubing and/or want to learn how to solve a cube!

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