[Bulldog Cube Club] Updates and First Meeting of Spring Semester!

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 01:53:44 EST 2012

Hey hey!

I hope everyone had an AWESOME winter break.  Get pumped for another 
AWESOME semester.

First thing are some updates:

  * The 2,700 Rubik's Cubes have FINALLY arrived.  We've already built
    some mosaics.  Check them out at
  * We're talking with Stiles and Silliman right now and trying to
    reserve the art galleries in these colleges for exhibits.  We're
    also meeting with Master Pitti (ES) and Master Krauss (SM) to
    discuss the possibility of installing a permanent display.  (After
    all, what are we going to do with 2,700 Rubik's Cubes after our
    exhibit is over?)
  * Sudler and UOFC funding ended up covering most of the costs (they
    reimbursed us for $1100), but we still had to pay $108.17 out of
    pocket.  I'd appreciate it if anyone who is interested in helping
    out with this mosaic project could chip in $10 or $20 as
    reimbursement :).
  * Four BCC members (Dennis, Kevin, Ike, and Anthony) participated in
    the 1st Inter-University Cube Relay competition.  We got a time of
    52.38 seconds.  See our video on YouTube here:

Next, get pumped for our first meeting of this calendar year and this 
semester!  It's going to be this Friday, 1/13, from 7pm to 8pm, in the 
Ezra Stiles Common Room.  We'll be primarily discussing the cube mosaic 
project.  Hope to see you there!

Happy cubing,

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