[Bulldog Cube Club] Mosaic Building Session this Sat 1/28 7-9 PM in ES Common Room

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 18:33:08 EST 2012

Mosaic building starts in 30 min in the Stiles Common Room! Hope to see 
you there! We'll provide all the materials you need - just bring 
yourself and your ideas!

On 1/28/2012 2:07 AM, Anthony Hsu wrote:
> Just a reminder that we'll be building mosaics tonight (Saturday) from 
> 7-9 in the Stiles Common Room!  Bring your ideas.  We'll supply the 
> cubes and mounts as well as a computer and printer to design and print 
> stuff out.
> No experience or cubing skills necessary!  We'll take you through the 
> whole process.  Feel free to bring friends!
> Anthony
> On 1/25/2012 10:32 PM, Anthony Hsu wrote:
>> Hey!
>> We're going to have a Rubik's Cube mosaic-building session this 
>> Saturday from 7-9 PM in the Stiles Common Room.  We'll provide all 
>> the cubes and the boards to build the mosaics on.  We'll also have a 
>> computer on which you can design your mosaics and a printer for you 
>> to print out the blueprints.  We've been following this guide for 
>> pixelating pictures: 
>> http://arcsecond.wordpress.com/2009/08/02/how-to-prepare-rubiks-cube-art/.  
>> You can see some mosaics we've already built here: 
>> http://pantheon.yale.edu/~ah59/completedCubeMosaics.html 
>> <http://pantheon.yale.edu/%7Eah59/completedCubeMosaics.html>
>> We've reserved the Maya's Room (the SM art gallery) from Fri 3/23 to 
>> Th 3/29 for an exhibit to showcase our cube mosaics.  If you want to 
>> help build cube mosaics or have ideas for mosaics we could build, 
>> come to the meeting!  Absolutely no experience necessary.  We'll take 
>> you through the whole design process and show you all the moves you 
>> need to configure the Rubik's Cubes properly.  Even if you can't make 
>> it, if you have ideas or suggestions, please email us and let us know!
>> Cheers,
>> Anthony

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