[Bulldog Cube Club] Updates + Logo Designing

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 04:49:43 EST 2012

Hey fellas,

I hope everyone's having a good break.  Some quick updates: We'll be 
manning a table at the extracurricular bazaar (Tu 4/17 1:30-3:30) during 
Bulldog Days and hosting an Open Cube Night 
on Tu 4/17 from 10 pm to midnight in the Stiles Common Room.  We'll also 
be hosting another Rubik's Cube competition - Yale Spring 2012 
<http://union.cubingusa.com/yalespring2012/> - on Sunday, April 29, 
2012, in SSS 114.  Here's a summary of the events happening after break:

  * Fri 3/23-Th 3/29: mosaic exhibit in the Silliman Art Gallery.  We'll
    have a kick-off event with food and drink on Fri 4/23.
  * Fri 4/13-Fri 4/20: mosaic exhibit in the Stiles Art Gallery.  We'll
    change up some mosaics between the two exhibits and probably pool
    our cubes to make one large mosaic.
  * Tu 4/17
      o 1:30-3:30 - tabling at the extracurricular bazaar
      o 10-midnight - Open Cube Night in the Stiles Common Room
  * Sun 4/29: Yale Spring 2012 Rubik's Cube competition in SSS 114, all
    day (8:30-6)
  * Every Saturday until the end of semester or until we finish -
    working on wooden frames for the Saybrook and Stiles shields - just
    like the framed Silliman shield, we want to hang these up
    permanently in the respective colleges

One thing the Bulldog Cube Club lacks right now is a logo.  I personally 
don't have much talent when it comes to artistic design, so I'm asking 
the club members for help.  Would anyone be interested in designing a 
logo for the Bulldog Cube Club?  We're poor (in debt after buying 2,700 
cubes), so I can't offer you money, but I can offer you a free 
high-quality 3x3 speed cube and my eternal love.  Let me know if you're 

Hope y'all having a good break,

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