[Carillon-info] Yale Carillon Summer Series Cancellation

christina.meyer at yale.edu christina.meyer at yale.edu
Sat Jul 9 20:25:19 EDT 2005

Dear Friends:

The Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs regrets to inform you that 
this year’s annual Summer Concert Series has been postponed until 
further notice.  The interior of Harkness Tower is currently undergoing 
extensive renovations to improve and expand our practice and office 
space.  The funding for this project was only recently approved, and we 
sincerely apologize about the delay in our communications to you about 
this matter.  

In a look to the future, we are excited to announce that we will host 
the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America for their annual Congress 
from June 20 to June 23, 2006.  The Congress will feature daily 
concerts on the newly refurbished Harkness Memorial Carillon by 
respected artists and talented young performers.  Please join us for 
this unique event next June and extend the invitation to your family 
and friends.  The free concerts will provide wonderful opportunities to 
enjoy the evening or afternoon outdoors in the beautiful Gothic 
courtyard adjoining Harkness Tower.  For more information about the 
Congress, we encourage you to check our website at 
www.yale.edu/carillon for updates.  


Christina Meyer and Tiffany Ng
Summer Carillonneurs, Yale University

Please continue to check for updates on our website at 

For more information please contact one of the Summer Carillonneurs by 
email (christina.meyer @yale.edu or tiffany.ng at yale.edu) or by phone at 
(203) 432-2309.

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