[Coll_Collab] Collections Collaborative spring symposium

Martha L Smalley martha.smalley at yale.edu
Wed Apr 4 13:39:47 EDT 2007

Please excuse cross-posting!

On May 17th, the Yale Collections Collaborative 
(http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/) will be sponsoring a 
symposium that will serve as the kick-off event for the initiative's 
efforts toward "mainstreaming collections reference."  We hope that 
this symposium will provide an opportunity for all librarians and 
curators across the Yale system to become more familiar with Yale's 
primary source holdings and how to access them.

A draft schedule for the symposium can be found at 
Kenneth Hamma of Getty will present a keynote talk that promises to 
be very interesting. Originally we were planning to have faculty 
presentations about their use of primary sources in teaching, but the 
end of the academic year seems to be a difficult time to recruit 
faculty participation.  The symposium has been re-oriented to serve 
as a kind of "get acquainted" and educational opportunity for Yale 
librarians and curators.  We would like to fill you in on recent 
activities of Collections Collaborative projects, have an opportunity 
for discussion about education about and access to primary sources, 
and allow time for Yale's various repositories to give presentations 
about their holdings.  We would also like to schedule tours of the 
repositories themselves after the plenary gathering has finished, if 
there is sufficient interest.

Thank you to those who have already offered to give presentations 
about their collections.
It would be great if a representative from the following collections 
would also agree to give a brief presentation:
  - Area studies
-  Art gallery
-  Arts Library
-  Beinecke
-  Center for British Art
-  Music Library
-  Peabody Museum
-  SML - Research Services and Collections
The purpose of the presentation would be to give an overview of 
available collections that contain primary source material related to 
the designated topic. The topic is "Race, Gender, and Globalization" 
- a purposefully broad range of subjects, in order to allow 
participation by all repositories.  To get some concrete ideas about 
the types of courses that are taught at Yale in these subject areas, 
please see 
https://research.yale.edu/irgg/studies.html.  Presentations could 
focus in on a particular topic within this range, or be more 
broad.  The idea is to inform your librarian and curator colleagues 
about what is available and how they can best direct students and 
faculty towards the material.

I would also like to know if someone from the various repositories 
would be willing to lead an informal tour of their physical premises 
following the end of the plenary meeting.

If you are able to attend the May 17th event, please submit the form 
found at http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/symposium.html 
so that we can make catering arrangements.

Thanks for reading this long message.


Martha Lund Smalley
Special Collections Librarian / Curator of the Day Missions Collection
Yale Divinity School Library
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