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Martha L Smalley martha.smalley at yale.edu
Thu Jan 4 17:04:59 EST 2007

I agree with Suzanne that information about new accessions and newly 
available materials should be disseminated as widely as possible 
through Library channels.  Since the Collections Collaborative is 
aimed at enhancing "access to and use of the museums, galleries, and 
library special collections across the university," the particular 
role of the Collections Collaborative list is to also reach 
colleagues in the Yale museums and galleries, who often don't monitor 
Library channels, and to receive their input.


At 04:36 PM 1/4/2007, you wrote:

>On January 4, Martha wrote:
>Finally, I have a question about the use of this list <
>collectionscollaborative at mailman.yale.edu >.  Do people
>think it would be profitable for the various Yale special collections
>to post brief notices about interesting new accessions, or materials
>newly available for research use?  For example, the Divinity Library
>recently received the papers of Henry W. and Elizabeth Luce, parents
>of Henry R. Luce, who were missionaries in China in the early part of
>their lives.  Would the posting of information like this on the list
>be a worthwhile way of raising consciousness about the types of
>materials being added? If the consensus is that it is worthwhile,
>would representatives of the various collections be willing to post
>the information on an ongoing basis?
>While I think posting information on new accessions and materials newly
>available for research on this list is a good idea, I think this information
>should be disseminated much more widely. It should be posted to the Public
>Services list (yulpub at mailman.yale.edu) so that ALL reference staff, including
>those who staff Yale's virtual chat reference service, will be kept 
>  I also think that the In Focus section of the library's front door should
>routinely be used to announce the availability of all types of new research
>collections and materials -- manuscript, archival, printed, microform, and
>electronic -- to the wider Yale community. How else do we do this in an
>organized, predictable manner?  In addition to talking among ourselves on
>internal library lists about new acquisitions, let's shout about them to the
>Yale community!
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