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Martha L Smalley martha.smalley at yale.edu
Mon May 7 09:50:43 EDT 2007

Dear colleagues,
I am writing to announce the decisions on the second round of 
re-grants from the Yale Collections Collaborative initiative 
(http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/). The goal of the 
Collections Collaborative is to enhance access to and use of the 
museums, galleries, and library special collections across the university.

The four proposals that the Collections Collaborative Steering 
Committee has decided to fund are:

Archival Collections Management and the Archivists' Toolkit
The Archivists' Toolkit is an open source database application that 
provides a tool for managing many of the most common activities 
undertaken in the archival enterprise, such as accessioning, 
description, donor tracking, name and subject authority work, and 
location management. This project will develop a model implementation 
of the Archivists' Toolkit at four Yale repositories and investigate 
the value of system-wide implementation.
Principal contact: Stephen Yearl, Manuscripts and Archives
Participants: (first stage) Arts Library, Divinity Library, 
Manuscripts and Archives, Music Library

Guides to Collections at Yale
This project will initiate a series of subject-based guides to 
collections at Yale, which will provide an overview of particular 
strengths in a given field across a range of the University's special 
collections and museums. The initial subject areas targeted will be 
African American Studies, British Studies, Modernism, and Photography.
Principal contacts: Pamela Franks, Art Gallery; George Miles, Beinecke
Participants: Members of the Special Collections Subcommittee

Swid Powell Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery and 
Manuscripts and Archives
This project will use the Swid Powell Collection as a case study for 
integrating access to similar archival materials housed in multiple 
repositories. The Swid Powell Collection, a comprehensive collection 
of sketches, design drawings, prototypes, and final products 
documenting the Swid Powell design company, is split between the Yale 
Art Gallery and Manuscripts and Archives.
Principal contacts: John Stuart Gordon, Art Gallery; Laura Tatum, 
Manuscripts and Archives
Participants: Thomas Raich & Anthony De Camillo, Art Gallery; Stephen 
Yearl & Derek Merleaux, Manuscripts and Archives

The World War I Experience Phase 2 - Enhancing Discovery, Search and 
Access to Yale's Digital Collections
The first phase of the World War I project used a subject focus as a 
catalyst for improving description of and access to research 
materials scattered across Yale collections. The second phase of this 
project will focus on developing a cross-collection search interface 
to provide access to digital collections in various Yale repositories.
Principal contacts: Karen Kupiec & Matthew Beacom, Library; David Gewirtz, ITS
Participants: Thomas Raich, Art Gallery; Larry Gall, Peabody Museum; 
and other staff.

Thanks to all who submitted proposals for the grants and 
congratulations to those whose proposals we were able to fund.

On May 17th the Collections Collaborative will be sponsoring a 
symposium on "Mainstreaming Collections Reference" - librarians and 
curators working together to improve access to primary source 
materials for teaching and research at Yale. An update on the first 
round of re-grant projects will be presented. Please see 
http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/symposium.html for more 

Martha Smalley
Principal investigator
Yale Collections Collaborative

Martha Lund Smalley
Special Collections Librarian / Curator of the Day Missions Collection
Yale Divinity School Library
409 Prospect St.  New Haven, CT 06511
Phone 203 432-5289  Fax 203 432-3906
Martha.Smalley at yale.edu 
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