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*Cordel to Walt Whitman*

By Gustavo Dourado

"O Captain! My Captain!"
Flui the Whitmania…
Leaves of Grass in time
Press-masterpiece of poetry
Sex and free verse:
Nature and alchemia…

1819 - May 31
Walt Whitman was born
West Hills… Long Island
In New York happened
The poet came to the world:
Good poetry flourished…

Son of Walter and Louisa:
In West Hills lived
1820 - 1823…
The good boy grew
For the Brooklin moved:
This has happened…

Attended public school
Worked in office
>From law and medicine…
Exercise in office
Craft of printing:
Poeta premonitório…

In the Mirror in New York:
He worked in journalism
He has been a professor at Suffolk
Part of the criticism
Precursor of beatniks:
In the land of Capitali $ mo…

Lessons in agricultural schools
In Queens, Walt taught
In three years of teaching
To learn previewed
God wings to poetry:
Belo dream transmutou ..

The Long Islander publishes:
Important weekly
In Hungtington edited
Your hebdomadário
Verses that now are:
In Webdomadário…

Year 1840:
Whitman is voter
In New York City:
Journalist and editor
It operates in journal:
It demonstrates its value…

Write in the New World
Dynamics collaboration
Manages the Brooklin Daily
In permanent performance
Shoot stones of the way:
Search for processing…

He opened the day:
Its big trip
Has Jeff by company
Prepare your message
>From Ohio to the Mississippi:
It consolidates its image…

>From the Alleghenies New Orleans:
Hiking and journalism
Editor-in-Chief Crescent:
It operates in journalism…
The Freeman in Brooklin:
Vate ace in dynamism…

For the roads of life
Poeta innovative
Build homes for the people
Hábil entrepreneur
Difunde his art:
Renova the act creator…

American Election:
Van Bauren president pra
Delegate at convention
It represents its people
It poetry in politics:
It poet trancendente…

Year 1855:
The big publishing
Leaves of Grass opúsculo
You have the first edition
12 poems, first:
In times of change…

Vive a good time:
New cultural circle
Cultiva native language
Search essence National
Whitman is a highlight
n poetry universal…

In 1855:
The father's death
It strengthens your language
Renova the thought
Transcende the poetry:
Dinamiza the feeling…

The book Leaves of Grass
Earn new edition
384 pages
In good preparation
Poetry high:
Pra if read carefully…

In 1857:
It is named editor
In Brooklyn Daily Times
Expresses the act creator
Combate as injustiças:
Which brings sorrow and pain…

Destoou the majority
Criticized the meretrício
The trade of love
É o mais antigo vício
Atacou the falcatruas:
The illegal trade of…

In 1860
The third edition
Leaves of Grass upwards
Are new publication
456 pages
>From art and creation…

The War of Secession
It brings the pain and suffering
Year 1861
It is a time of torment
On April 13:
Death is moving…

Year 1862
In crucial battle
Nurses by good weather
Bela social action
Much worked:
To remedy both badly…

In 1865
It occurs to surrender
Lee, Appomatox
Estanca the revolution
The conflict comes to an end:
It is time for union…

After the fight renhida
>From contradictory act
The poet goes to the fight
Works in office
Nursing and poetry
Writing in office…

Leaves of Grass again
Conquest publication
"The rufar of the drum"
Sai in new edition
Poetry high level
Pra speak to the heart…

Year 1868:
Whitman in German
The poet Freiligrath
Innovation in translation
In newspaper of Augsburg
Publish your version ..

Democratic Publishes Views:
Whitman moving
Leaves of Grass reedita
Renewal of thought
Surge in 5 th edition:
Leaves of Grass to the wind…

In 1873:
Suffering from paralysis
The curse the attacks
Do not forget the poetry
In the city of Washington:
The pain relates the joy…

Paralisado by pain
Do not lose its essence
Search beaches in the Atlantic
In test of patience
Reside in Philadelphia
In times of penance…

Whitman into turbulence:
In New Jersey was live
Residences in Camden:
For 15 years his home
Remained to death:
Leaves of Grass in the air…

Write "Two Rivalets"
Mixing poetry and prose
Sheet Grass reedita
He works of alchemy
Poetics of feeling:
Lights of philosophy…

Osgood & Co., Boston:
It makes the seventh edition
The book Leaves of Grass
In new publication
The poet gained fame:
Along the population…

Eighth edition of the book
In Philadelphia is published
By act of David MacKay
The work is published
Leaves of Grass is:
Much work devoted…

Publish Specimen Days:
In prose of the day-to-day
The poet is resistant
Against paralysis
The writing the animated:
It autobiography…

Year 1884:
A house bought
Mickle Street, 330
Whitman lived there
Camden, New Jersey:
In the poetry he served…

Year 1888:
Unable to walk more
November Boghs in press
Ready to edit
A book of prose and verse:
At 70 to publish…

Year 1891:
Revê the ninth edition
Folha de Grass, a milestone:
Poetry in transmutation
Work revolutionary
>From a genius of creation…

Year 1892:
It was a great emotion
Day March 26
Parou your heart
It is in the leaves of grass
For the fifth dimension…

"Change me of position, Warry"
Walt Whitman gave
In Camden desencarnou
His spirit só.sorriu
It was up to other worlds:
His uni.verso has expanded…

Gustavo Dourado
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