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Cordel to Federico García Lorca, by Gustavo Dourado

Gustavo Dourado (*)

Gran poet español
Vate extraordinary
Federico García Lorca
Creative visionary
From divine inspiration:
Menestrel universário …

Federico García Lorca
The province of Granada
Poeta multiluminado
Amante in the morning
Son of Federico Rodriguez
And Vicenta: mother love …

Born in Fuente Vaqueros
It was vate repak
In 1898:
It came to the world in full
Pra be poet of the people:
Creative condoreiro …

It suffered serious illness
At two years of age
The boy survived
Pra be ace of freedom
A cantador popular:
And lover of the truth …

Learned first letters
With your dear mother.
Master Antonio Espinosa
Inspired its deals
In the mysteries of reading:
Lorca embarked on the life …

They are brothers, Federico
Francisco, Conchita, Isabel
In the College of Almería
He studied the menestrel
Venceu the disease:
Registration here in cordel …

It changed itself to Grenada
To better prepare itself
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Estruturou is the thinking
Lorca sought to know:
For in life was raising …

Year 1914:
University of Granada
Studies and friendships
Dynamism in the journey
Almagro, Burín, Montesinos:
Night, day, almadrugada …

Philosophy, Letters and Law
Cursou the University
Soriano, Barrios, Ortiz
Cultivaram lamizade
Cristobal, Guarnizo, Pizarro:
Peace, love, brotherhood …

Ismael de La Serna:
It was brotherly companion
He studied guitar / piano
Our vate condoreiro
Has soul of cantador:
Spirit of guerrilla …

1916 - 1917
Sentiue the heat of the muse
Come the first poems
The transpiration and uses
Gitano poet Lorca:
Well poet does not excuse …

Artistic Center in Granada
Publica in his Bulletin
Centenary of Zorrilla
Lorca poet Serafim
First literary work:
Lorca: principle endless …

He travels from studies
For several regions
Castilla, Andalusia
Galicia and its rincões
For Spain afora:
He circunavegações …

The curse of the moth
Prvenec Theatre Eslava
Directed by Gregorio Martinez
The poet is burilava
Bailes de La Argentinita:
Federico encantava if …

After the march to Madrid
Friendship with Buńuel
Orueta and Pepín Bello
Lorca: actor-menestrel
Pensador and playwright:
As part of the cordel …

Decorated for Mignoni
Figurinos of Barradas
Travel by Spain
Many dreams on the roads
Zujaira, Granada, Madrid:
Transmutou up in the days …

First Book of Poems
In El Sol is reviewed
By Adolfo Salazar
The book is highlighted
Analysis of "A poet Nuevo"
In a paper titled …

Roda, Alamagro, Marchesi
Maria Luisa and Gabriel
Emilio Prados, Jose Mora
Dedication on paper
Cienfuegos and Ortiz:
Without forgetting Buńuel …

Idos, 1921
Lorca did publication
Balada de la placeta
Poetry flows from the heart
Spanish Contemporary Poets:
Lorca in defence …

Juan Ramón Jimenéz:
Texts of Lorca published
In its revised Index
Juan Lorca released to.
Noche and Suite of Mirrors:
Lorca presented to the people …

El Jardin de las morenas
For Jiménez: seconded
Lorca wrote Canciones
It is a corner of high-cry
The poet repak:
It is a name eternizado …

Published "El Cante Jondo"
Singing primitive Andalusian
Manoel Angeles, Manuel de Falla
Support for Lorca sensitive
Poema del jondo sing:
It is a cancioneiro alive …

"Fiesta for the children":
By Federico prepared
For friend Manuel de Falla
The party was supported
In 1923:
Here in the land of Grenada …

Cervantes and Strawinsky
Debussy and Rafael
Hermenegildo Lanz:
More Albéniz and Pedrell
Auto de los Reyes Magos:
With Laurita and Isabel …

Licenciou up in Law
At the University of Granada
Along with Gullermo Torre
Concludes hard journey
Federico García Lorca:
Constellation's Daybreak …

El mundo de García Lorca lírico
Having by Melchor
Published in Madrid:
Lorca even better
Nice and selfless
Magic as Melchior …

Friendship with Prieto:
What was poet-painter
Finished Canciones
Consolidated itself Writer
The Romancero Gitano:
Principia with love …

Produced Dona Rosita
Aperfeiçoou the language
The linguage of the flowers
Lorca brings good message
The poet was built:
Ampliou its image …

It Mariana Pineda
In grand Granada
Correspondence with Guillén
Good written on the road
With the family Dali:
Passed good season …

Ode to Salvador Dali
In Revista de Occidente
In Athenaeum of Valladolid
Lorca won a gift
He reading of poems:
Whenever vate aware …

Recitou poetry alive
In Valladolid, in the Athenaeum
Verses of "Romancero"
Canciones also read
Declamou the Cante Jondo:
The fact so happened …

Francisco de Cassio critical:
He review in newspaper
In El Norte de Castilla
He literal analysis
Lorca gained space:
In cultural voyage …

La Sirena in the carabinero
Out in the Gaceta Literary
Published Viñetas flamencas
He lived read libertarian
Lorca eternal traveler:
Quintessência visionary …

Published its Canciones
In Ediciones Litoral
Dedicou your friends
A poetry unparalleled
Lorca did its history:
In literal universe …

Federico genialma:
Nice and seductive
Expressiva effusion
From a poet troubadour
Caudaloso … Originário:
Brighter En.Cantador …

Cultivou light and purity
Alegria, freedom
Lorca flowed fantasy
Jorrou creativity
Poetry of brotherhood …

Lorca vate impetuous
Clamoroso, changing
Magic, mystery
Inspired, triumphant
Mítico and fabulous:
Infineterno diamond …

Do not kill la Justice
The poetry does not surrender
Lorca conquered the world
A poet is not
Do not kill the thought:
Art does not show …

The Fascism is a scourge
What oppresses humanity
The poetry in frees
Fly with freedom
Lorca is enchanted bird:
In pests of eternity …

In Lorca feel Cervantes
Baudelaire, Gil and Camões
Bach, Mozart and Chopin
In their magical songs
Góngora, Quevedo, Goethe:
Lorca in transmutações …

Poetry, prose and theater
The poet has
Casa de Bernarda Alba
The Chimera amanheceu
The Romancero Gitano:
Yerma in designing …

LLanto by Ignacio Sanchez Mejias:
Drama, poetry and prose
Retabeillo of Don Cristobal
La Zapatera Prodigiosa
Poetics of infinitude:
Script prime …

Los Titeres of Cachaporra
Love of Perlimplin with Belisa
Poet in New York
Mariana Pineda warns us
Poema del Cante Jondo:
Lido in Grenada and Pisa …

Libro de Poemas, El Publico:
The curse of the moth
El Paseo de Buster Keaton
En su Jardin la Raposa
Transeterno poet Lorca:
Sign up for your board …

Asi que pasen Five Years
La Doncela, El Marinero and El Estudiante
Primeras Canciones, Poems Sueltos
Lorca always irradiante
Bodas de sangre the soul:
Being poet multiamante …

Divan of Tamarit
The Popular Songs
Six Poems Galegos
The resounding by air
Doña Rosita La Soltera:
In the streets, cafes and bars …

Impression Y Paisages
El Canto Primitive Anadaluz
Letters and Other Pages
In the poetry in the lead
Lorca in the seas of life:
At uni.versos of light …

Interviews and Declaraciones
Poetry of arrepiar
Estampilla and Juguete
Lorca to make us dream
Work - charming press:
It Lorca ressucitar …

The poet has not died
You are in enchantment
Do not kill the poetry
Lorca is pure feeling
Flight quickly for life:
In the waves of thought …

(*) Baiano, poet, cordelista, professor, columnist, literary journalist,
actor and researcher. Reside in Brasilia. Author of 11livros and several
baler twine. Write on various themes and portrays the big names of art and
culture in Brazil and mundial.Colabora sites, blogs, newspapers and
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