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Sun Oct 8 21:49:28 EDT 2000

Fritz -
     Actually, we have been seeing Cloudless Sulphurs in CT more often than
usual.  Used to be that they showed up only occasionally, often times years
apart.  My first year seeing a lot of them was 1985, and I didn't see
another big year until the early 90's, and then again in '95, the first year
of the CT Butterfly Atlas.
    Their relatively frequent occurrences in recent years might be a
northward shift in their permanent population range, or maybe a result of a
couple of dry summers in a row where they roam out of their normal range.
The summer of 2000 was anything but dry, and we have had almost no reports
of Cloudlesses (is that the proper way to pluralize them?) this year.
    Only speculation, of course.

Clay Taylor

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> A Variegated Fritillary made an appearance
> at Lighthouse Point on 10/7.  Any theories
> on the lack of Cloudless Sulphurs this
> year?  The post-breeding dispersal seemed
> much more impressive last year and (especially)
> the year before.
> Fritz Davis
> Middletown, CT

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