BIG SIT! butterflies

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The Mission, TX BIG SIT! circle saw relatively few birds on Sunday, but since it was centered on the Kika de la Garza Community Center's butterfly garden, the following were seen INSIDE the count circle:

Queen, Soldier, Ceraunus Blue, Elada Checkerspot, Funereal Duskywing,Gray Hairstreak, Gulf Fritillary, Painted Lady, Cloudless Skipper, Am. Snout, Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak, Southern Skipperling, So. Broken-Dash, Sachem, Whirlabout, and Fiery, Clouded, Ocola, Common Checkered (ssp. White), and Eufala Skipper.

Contributors included Paul Opler, John Acorn, John & Gloria Tveten, Mike Overton, Roland Wauer, Bob Beherstock, and the attendees of the TX Butterfly Festival.   It was FUN!

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  Frank Gallo, Pat Dugan and I sat the BIG SIT! at Milford point today - butterflies seen:  Monarchs (3), Buckeyes (4) Red admiral (1), Mourning Cloak (1), Question Mark (1), Clouded Sulphur (common), Orange Sulphur (5), Broad-winged Skipper (1) Cabbage Whites (common)
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