monarchs over water

Bethsull at Bethsull at
Mon Oct 22 20:04:02 EDT 2001

To all butterfly watchers:  I spent a short time, just over an hour, kayaking 
out off Stonington Point and breakwater, about noon today. Had about a dozen 
Monarchs...but count may be off because for every one that appeared to be 
heading south (West along the coast) at least one seemed to making a beeline 
back inland and East! The wind was very light so I don't think it was blow 
back! Maybe a change of heart with this beautiful weather?  A couple actually 
were heading due south toward Fishers Isalnd.   Also had one Painted Lady 
(?sp.)and a Sulphur beating their wings like well as a lazily 
drifting Mourning Cloak...all headed SouthWest. Interesting to watch flight 
patterns. So, they are still out there. Still a fair amount of Seaside 
Goldenrod for nectar. We may have a few good days left, 
Beth Sullivan

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