Chester butterflies

Diane Adams barnacle at
Tue Apr 16 12:35:36 EDT 2002

Working on the computer yesterday, my 3-1/2 year-old daughter came
running in--"Mommy, there's a white butterfly outside, I think it's a
cabbage white!"

We've been seeing a number of Cabbage Whites along Cedar Lake Rd. and in
our backyard.  Today, while working on our garden, we saw one or two, as
well as a Mourning Cloak, one or two sulphurs, and an Azure(or two or
three--not sure how fast the one might have been moving!)

To think it was just about this time last year when I went on my first
CBA field trip and learned to recognize the MCs and azures!  I'm looking
forward to the Guilford trip this Saturday  (4/21) & hope to meet a lot
of you there!

Diane Adams

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