A most horrid moth!

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at infinet.com
Mon Jun 17 08:49:30 EDT 2002


Your photo of Zale horrida is excellent.  

I think all of us need to be careful about using an English dictionary 
to look up words from a different language.  Hubner was probably using 
Greek or Latin.  I don't have a Greek Lexicon, but I think that when you 
look up the word horrid in a Latin Dictionary, you'll discover it does 
not mean horrible.  Horridus means "standing on end, sticking out, rough 
shaggy, bristly, prickly."  I can see where Hubner found the appearance 
of the scales to be sticking out, rough or shaggy.

Thanks again for the excellent photo.

For all of you who missed the Annual Meeting of The Lepidopterists 
Society in Charleston SC, you missed a very good event.  Watch the NEWS 
for details.

Cheers from sunny (very unusual for us) Columbus, Ohio


jh wrote:

>Lepsters - The overcast and chilly weather has slowed down the butterflies
>in my area, but the moths are still coming.  This horrid thing showed up
>last night.
>(sorry to those caught in the cross posting)
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