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Now that there's not much "lepidopterous" going on outside in the frozen northern 80% of our country (except those nutty winter moths), and many of us are cozying up to our fireplaces with a stack of butterfly books, longing for warmer days, I just wanted to let everyone know that the TILS "online library" has been updated.  We are up to 64 pages of links to FREE downloads of many of those scientific papers you see cited in the bibliographies of those fireside books (plus many more) but have trouble locating, or others that you didn't know existed.  Several interesting online theses are included as well.  For those of us who are quite proficient in Google Scholar browsing, this listing will save you a lot of clicking in and out of sites. 
I've made considerable progress incorporating additional links to the Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera, and am about half-way through, so be patient while I add more of them to the online working draft.  It takes a while to enter these papers.  I just cannot wait till the Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society comes online.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science are constantly being added, and I'll eventually have all the hundreds of PNAS papers included as well.  Any omissions are not deliberate!  I have also added a new section at the very end, just a test here, that will link to entire issues of newsletters of various butterfly organizations.
OK, I know you're eager to see and won't hold you up.  Go to:   
Oh, for those unfamiliar with this feature, Adobe allows one to search for key terms so if you are looking for certain species, authors, etc., you can let the program do the looking for you.  In Adobe 6.0, click on the binoculars in the toolbar at top.
Oh yes, one last item.  If anyone has a favorite link to add, please forward it to me and I'll include it with the next update.
Harry Pavulaan
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