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Wed Apr 9 10:33:51 EDT 2008

I would think it would be advantageous to try our hardest to document the 
presence of Henry's Elfin on the property so that info could be used as part of 
the planning process.

I'm not sure how far along this development process is.  I know that the same 
developer has begun developing here in Niantic 
(called 38 Hope St.)  and it is a monsterous project three doors down from 
me. Most of the nieghborhood  fought it, but it still passed. Of course, this is 
not pristine area here but it shows the clout that these developers have with 
towns. Perhaps the slowing housing market will tend to slow the future 
developing of open space.

The townspeople, however, have successfully (so far) waylayed the so called 
Landmark development in Oswegatchie Hills. 

Rich, if a survey is done, and volunteers are needed, I'd like to help.

Maryann in Niantic

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