Fresh Meadows Sanctuary, Cheshire

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Sat Apr 19 16:25:52 EDT 2008

On Saturday, 4/19, Bill Banks and I visited Fresh Meadows Sanctuary where  we 
were able to find a total of 5 species of butterflies.  The list for the  day 
is as follows:
Cabbage White (5)
Juniper Hairstreak (3) (Our first of the year)
Spring Azure (1) (Lucia color form)
Eastern Comma (1)
Mourning Cloak (1)
The Juniper Hairstreaks, Eastern Comma and Mourning Cloak were all  nectaring 
on flowers of a species of tree in the genus Falix. The  flowers looks like a 
golden-yellow pussy willow.  (Tree ID courtesy of  a phone conversation with 
Andy Brand.)
Lenny Brown

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