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Sat Apr 26 23:01:11 EDT 2008

Been getting Juvenal's Duskywings in my yard in Killingworth (4/25&26).
Can't remember reading reports of these, but thought I should mention them
so Lenny can pick them up for the list he compiles.  I've no doubt others
have been seeing them, too (and probably posted them).

Turned on the mothlight last night - sucked in a nice smattering of leps,
including one of my favorite early moths - Bold-based Zale - love the
zales - flying wood chips...  Lots of Scribblers and Lappets.  Eupithecias
dominated the numbers, though.  Looking forward to warmer nights.

The bats swooping overhead at dusk have always been a welcome sight, but
more so this year, considering the trouble their facing -

(Okay, sometimes I root for the mammal, sometimes I root for the lep...)


John Himmelman
Killingworth, CT
jhimmel at comcast.net

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