Guiffrida Park- Meridan.. Falcates +

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Sat Apr 25 16:55:51 EDT 2009

This afternoon, Lenny Brown and I went to Guiffrida Park in Meridan, 
and hiked the Chauncey Peak trail to the top of the ridge. We found the 
following butterflies :

Falcate Orangetips... 10 male  /  3 female
Northern Azure (celastrina lucia) violacea form... 1
Mourning Cloak... 6
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail... 1
Juniper Hairstreak.. 2
Black Swallowtail... 2
Cabbage White... 20

Now that I have done the Chauncey Peak trail, I can check it off, and 
NEVER do it again.

Bill Banks

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