Niantic yard

Emmayct at Emmayct at
Tue Oct 18 17:12:56 EDT 2011

What a beautiful day. I'm wondering if will be the last day for such a good 
showing of butterflies what with the weather forcast.

Today 10/18
American Lady
Painted Lady
Monarchs (6)
Pair of Fiery Skippers courting
Still many Sulphers
Cabbage White
Common Buckeye
Beautiful, large, very fresh Red Admiral
Worn Pipevine male presumably on of my releases from weeks ago
and a new to the yard butterfly a rather worn Viceroy

I'm gonna miss them when they are gone

Maryann in Niantic

Oh and also a gorgeous Bald Eagle, fully adult, riding the thermals over my 
house towards the Niantic River area

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