[Ctleps-l] Butterfly sightings- Housatonic River WMA

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Tue Jul 3 15:50:48 EDT 2012

On Monday, July 2nd, Bill Banks, Greg Hanisek and I visited the Housatonic  
River WMA in Kent where we found a total of 17 species of  butterflies.  
The list for the day is as follows:
Tiger Swallowtail (1)
Cabbage White (5)
Clouded Sulphur (1)
Orange Sulphur (4)
American Copper (78)
Great Spangled Fritillary (6)
Pearl Crescent (6)
Question Mark (4)
Red Admiral (2)
Viceroy (1)
Common Wood Nymph (80)
Monarch (5)
Silver-spotted Skipper (2)
European Skipper (1) (very worn)
Tawny-edged Skipper (1) (very worn)
Northern Broken Dash (11)
Dun Skipper (10)
Lenny Brown
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