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Yesterday, 7/6, Ted Hendrickson came over to my house and found a fresh TAWNY EMPEROR on one of my Hackberry Trees which I managed a to get few pictures of and today, 7/7, he was over around noon, while I was away, and saw an AMERICAN SNOUT on the same trees.  The best I could do was a QUESTION MARK laying eggs on the hackberries in the early pm
  Also , for the past week, during good weather there has been upward of 15 Broad-winged Skippers in the yard on Verbena and at my daughters house, which is a quarter mile away,  there were a couple dozen on Verbena.  She also had a Mulberry Wing on Salvia.

A little off subject,,,,,,, for the past two weeks, there have been Green June Bugs flying around her lawns, burrowing into the ground, dying on her patio, etc.She estimated  50-75 flying around  during the late mornings until noon and I was still seeing a few during the late afternoons.  It is a really cool looking bug and I'll send a picture of some that I picked up off the patio if you want to see it.

Hank Golet
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