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All: I am hoping to have 100 or so monarchs by mid-Sept, to tag and release
with 1st graders at our school. So I am starting to rear in a large
enclosure, using whatever females I can catch. For some reason, most of the
adults I've encountered are males. If you know of a site near Hartford where
I might have good luck finding females or eggs/larvae, I'd be interested. My
main site at the moment is in Newington, a field filled with milkweed. A few
photos of non-monarchs on milkweed on my regular
tionsVol2?authuser=0&feat=directlink> photo gallery.


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>From Frank Mantlik
7/27  Stratford, Dorne Dr., Short Beach Park - AMERICAN SNOUT on a weed
below a Hackberry Tree, directly behind the bathroom opposite the tennis
There are also two large Hackberry Trees nearby at the edge of the lot, but
I saw nothing there.
Also, lots of butterflies nectaring on the abundant Knapweed on the
beachside dune.  Hoping for a Little Yellow, but none seen while I was
(There is a $15 fee for non-resident autos).
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