[Ctleps-l] Trout Brook Hollow & Saugatuck 6-1

Raymond Simpson raymond.simpson at yale.edu
Mon Jun 2 14:26:44 EDT 2014

Hey all,

Saw that another couple had been there that day... I wonder if they saw me
with my net?

I was exploring the are for odonate localities but didn't find much open
space for odes to fly except for a few openings for hunting.  Was a very
good hike though in a nice forest.

Springtime Darner - 1
Stream Cruiser - 2
Green Darner - 1 in parking lot
Delta-spotted Spiketail - 2
Lancet Clubtail - 2
Baskettail sp. - 20+ (confirmed Commons in hand but looks like another
species flying with it)
12-spotted Skimmer - 1

Butterflies observed included:

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - 1
Spicebush Swallowtail - 2 (one fresh and one worn)
Cabbage White - 2
Little Wood Satyr - 10+ (fresh)
Peck's Skipper - 1 confirmed male
Zabulon Skipper - 1 confirmed male
Hobomok Skipper - 20+ all seemed to be males
Juvenal's Duskywing - 5 (very worn)

Sizspotted Tiger Beetle - Cicindela sexguttata
Nessus Sphinx

Ray Simpson
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