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Subspecies strigosus [= thersippus] has strayed to eastern Mass.a few years ago. This is the southwestern ssp of the Queen.
So west to east strays can take place.

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Hi Donna,
I agree that it's a Cassius Blue, very cool find! They are known to stray to some extent; however, any this far north are likely the result of the chrysalis or larva being transported through human means. Interestingly, the closely related Marine Blue did stage a widespread incursion into the East from the western US a number of years ago, though that was an east-west movement as opposed to north-south.
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While out checking the gardens about an hour ago, I happened upon this butterfly that I am unsure of the ID - I believe it is a Cassius Blue based on my two butterfly books which call it a stray into our area.  Please feel free to correct it.  Not sure of the plant it was taking nectar from (a "weed" I let grow) but stayed for about a half hour before I returned inside. Also had 3 Spicebush Swallowtails, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Broad-winged Skipper, 1 Cabbage White, 1 Monarch and 1 tiger Swallowtail. Donna LorelloBranford
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