[Ctleps-l] Big Yellow Leps

Steve Walter swalter15 at verizon.net
Sun Aug 28 17:39:13 EDT 2016

And small orange ones, too.


These are from NY, as is usually the case with me, but of general interest I
think. I'm not the first on this, but I observed a Cloudless Sulphur
yesterday, while shorebirding at Cupsogue County Park in Westhampton Dunes. 


Spurred by some of the reports on this list in the last week, today I
visited the extensive row of butterfly bushes at Floyd Bennet Field in Kings
co. It was quite different than last week, when skippers were one
Broad-winged and one Zabulon. Today there were 20+ Sachems, 1 Fiery, 1
Zabulon, several Swarthy (last week found only in meadows), and most
surprisingly, a Crossline Skipper. Long Island is not quite within their
double brood range, but we do see them on rare occasions. And I suppose, it
could just as well be a migrant from the double brood range as it is a


Also at Floyd, I checked a couple of buildings where I used to find moths
that were drawn in by lights.  A huge surprise was a fresh Io Moth. Floyd is
a site I used to include in my ongoing Jamaica Bay moth survey, now mostly
restricted to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Io Moths have remained common
through the 16 years I've been surveying and make themselves conspicuous, so
I have a good dataset to work with. I've recorded them from May 22 through
July 30, with most records in June. So an August 28 record is certainly an
outlier. In fact, it's the first Saturnid I've seen after August 5, other
than the fall flying Buck Moth.


Then it was back to shorebirding - at Jamaica Bay's East Pond. In the
process, I came across two Salt Marsh Skippers. I find them there from time
to time, usually nectaring on Salt Marsh Fleabane. Since I need to change
content on my web site once in a while, I posted a picture. For those
interested, it can be found at https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__stevewalternature.com_&d=CwICAg&c=-dg2m7zWuuDZ0MUcV7Sdqw&r=wPbNkt6T_H4X7m_PlvSFCGU2a9-csNvfRK2IVMi-mp0&m=S4miY4V57nkWTo4m5W3VGOxPsK0YvkYmwV32bHH9hGI&s=XRCR95kf-9Idc_f9dxqb8-r-3G3qZYIb4O-cSru-Bac&e=  under the
Butterflies tab.



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY



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