[Eac-l] Re: EAC DTD error

Daniel Pitti dpitti at virginia.edu
Fri Oct 29 11:24:43 EDT 2004


I am just about to rush off to a meeting which will occupy me for most of 
the afternoon. The distinction you make about names vs entity brings back 
my library authority work. This well may be a point of divergence between 
library authority control and archival authority control, that is, whether 
it is about the name or the entity (or perhaps entities) bearing the name 
(or same names). I'll wait to hear more from the archivists before 
venturing much further out on the limb.


At 11:02 AM 10/29/2004, you wrote:
>I cannot quite follow what the issue is here as my version of the DTD
>and Tag Library information both show "corpname", etc.   Can you tell me
>where in the DTD and the Tag Library you are trying to make this
>correction?  I can't find it.
>I'm also not clear about what you are asking.  As you know, in
>authority records or packages of authoritative information about an
>identity (EAC recognizes identities) the focus is on the names to be
>used to represent that entity (the identity) - and those in turn can be
>associated with one or more actual persons (or corporate bodies, or
>families).  An entity of "person", "corporate body", or "family" can
>certainly exist, but in the EAC context, the EAC instance is not
>actually the person, but rather the name(s) associated with that person
>within a particular identity - possibly linked to the name of a real
>individual which could be seen as the surrogate for the "person," but it
>is not actually the person (and sometimes not even a real person -as for
>fictitious characters, etc.).   So if you are giving names to the
>entities - won't you need both the persname, corpname, famname as well
>as person, corporate body, family?
>I feel I'm not following the goal of the argument...can you help
>explain what's issue here?  (I wish we could talk and not email...are
>you by a phone today?) - bt
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> >>> Daniel Pitti <dpitti at virginia.edu> 10/29/2004 10:09:41 AM >>>
> >Per-Gunnar Ottosson has pointed out to me that the @type values on
> >in the beta dtd are different from the values listed in the Tag
> >After a bit of discussion, we concluded that the Tag Library is
> >and the DTD (and thus the two schemas) are in error.
> >
> >We would like to change the values in the DTD from:
> >
> >corpname | persname | famname
> >
> >to
> >
> >corporatebody | person | family
> >
> >The logic: an EAC instance describes the corporate body, person, or
> >family, and not the name, as such.
> >
> >Does anyone have any counter arguments to this correction?
> >
> >Daniel

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