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Wed Feb 8 11:14:11 EST 2012

Hey Usefulites,

I've gotten so many tips from people! Check out all the

February 8

   - Yale pays for us to use the Qualtrics Survey/Quiz-making software (as
   of a week ago, unannounced)
   - New Haven Happy
   - There are quite a few sites you can use to Study with Flashcards
share them with friends (not an all-inclusive list yet - what do you
   - Zotero (PDF
   is no longer tethered to Firefox, but now has a stand-alone application.
   Might it soon be better than Mendeley?
   - Google Cloud
you to sync all of your Microsoft Office documents with your Google
   Documents from within the Office programs

February 1

   - SciFinder (for
you draw structures and reactions and it can predict what products
   they'll make by using the literature. It can really help with Orgo PSets.

January 27

   - Added two movie/TV-watching sites http://www.tvduck.com/ and
   http://www.surfthechannel.com/ to Movies

January 25

   - Megavideo no longer works :<
   - Weekend Durfees-then-brunch swiping no longer works :<

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