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Casey Watts casey.s.watts at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 19:15:20 EST 2012

Oh hey guys,

Over this break, I've discovered and added so many more useful things, and
moved them to a beautiful new wiki-site ^_~

*The Website Moved!*

I migrated to a MediaWiki! Link to this new site: tiny.cc/everythinguseful

This Wiki is much better than the published-googledoc this used to live on
(at tinyurl.com/everythinguseful):


   It's much prettier

   It's much easier for me to format and update

   It has cool internal links (like you'll see below) and an auto-generated
   table of contents

   It's collaborative - if you want to add or change anything on here you
   could just make an account, nbd.

      You could also email me to add something of course ;D ~
      casey.watts at yale.edu

 ** *New Content* Dining Halls


   *When do the dining halls open again?* --the Yale Dining calendar
*is*actually online! I had no idea haha


   Which dining halls have *group-meeting annexes*? This section is
   incomplete because I don't know everything, please contribute if you know
   something :)

Buying and Selling Books


   Sell your books to other Yalies by posting them online - as soon as you
   can so someone will actually buy them~!

How to best *buy and sell books*.


   In that same vein, *receiving packages as fast as possible* is
   definitely not straightforward at Yale. You could get your books in 2 days
   or in 3 weeks depending on how you do it :x




   Yale's Wireless isn't exactly perfect. What should you do when *wireless
   goes down*?


   *YouTube video Ads* are awful, and they're happening more and more. But
   a browser plugin can block them!



Casey Watts!
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