Original Godzilla

Alan Kita alkita
Thu Nov 13 13:33:49 EST 1997

It would be interesting for English-speaking audiences to see the
original "Godzilla" with English subtitles and without Raymond Burr..but
I agree... the chance of finding it will be slim since the original was
distributed dubbed and with scenes of Raymond Burr spliced in.

Toho Video does distribute the video of the 1954 film for about 5,500
yen but of course you will have to understand spoken Japanese to enjoy
the film.

Alan Kita

Michael Raine wrote:
> There's a review in Sight and Sound from the mid-1950s which I _think_ is
> of the original. They praise it as a worthy but over-long anti-bomb film, I
> seem to remember. Anyway, there _may_ be a print at the BFI... chances of a
> video are remote, I'd say.
> Michael
> At 23:01 97/11/13 +0900, you wrote:
> >One question for those out there with god-like Godzilla knowledge:
> >
> >Is there an English subtitled version of the Original (that is, the 1954
> >version WITHOUT Raymond Burr)?
> >
> >Is this version available on video tape for sale?
> >
> >Aaron Gerow
> >YNU
> >
> >

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