Database is up

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Sat Nov 15 06:32:51 EST 1997

OK folks, with the kind help of Koyo Hasebe, who works with Maureen, we
have converted the Kinema Club bibliography to a database...

and it's a mess....

but it looks great. I think everyone will be excited when they see this.
Quite a bit of discussion about the database was happening on the Kinema
Club listserve, and it has gotten us this far, but now it's time to turn
the discussion over to KineJapan. This is an important moment, because the
decisions we make now about the formatting and look of the database are
things we're going to have to live with for a long time!  

Luckily, Koyo has been able to convert the bib automatically and dump it
into the database program. However, because of the automation each entry
requires checking and correction. If you go to the database, you'll see
that there are punctuation mistakes (most periods got lost in the
conversion) and mixed up fields (which will require cutting and pasting
information to the correct field). At the moment, there are over 600
entries and after Koyo puts in the remaining European entries I've
mentioned recently there will probably be more like 800 or 900. 

Now after my call for volunteers, I got about 6 responses. Split evenly,
that's still a lot of work for us!  So I'm calling again. This is going to
sound like an NPR pledge drive, but if you think this database is going to
be useful to you in the future we need your help. Volunteer for a
percentage or a hard number. Even if you can do 10 of them, it will help

Each volunteer will receive a password to edit the database; each entry has
a number, so I'll just hand out ranges of numbers when it's time to divvie

Here is the address for the database. Please have a look-see and post a
volunteering message to the KineJapan list if you want to help
out.......let's see, if all 140 of us volunteer, that's less than ten each!

Before we start editing, we need to hold a little discussion on how to
proceed. Please post any concerns or question you have to KineJapan after
you look at this.


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