Original Godzilla

Michael Raine michael-raine
Sat Nov 15 00:40:02 EST 1997

I'm glad to learn that I was wrong about the existence of a subtitled
version of the original godzilla. But why is this standard format film


At 15:16 97/11/14 -0500, you wrote:
>>One question for those out there with god-like Godzilla knowledge:
>>Is there an English subtitled version of the Original (that is, the 1954
>>version WITHOUT Raymond Burr)?
>>Is this version available on video tape for sale?
>>Aaron Gerow
>There isn't a legit copy available, but I've seen a great letterboxed
>version with fan-subs around from various underground video outlets. I've
>got an address somewhere for the people who did the fan sub and I'll try
>and post it in the next few days. The same company offers letterboxed
>dubbed versions of older Toho titles and subbed versions of the new
>Godzilla flicks.
>Colin Geddes
>Asian Eye

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