marran marran
Sat Nov 15 22:14:01 EST 1997

Dear Paul,
I don't have an opinion on what constitutes a "zen movie;" and yet I feel
fairly confident in agreeing with you that Fancy Dance is NOT a zen movie. 
It is a satirical film that is located in a zen temple.  Fancy Dance seems
similar in general form to his film on starting a sumo club at a
university, Shiko-funjatta.  I actually found Suo's Hentai kazoku a much
more inventive, satiirically funny film.
-christine marran
>As a side note, the now well-known  Director Suo did a film several years ago
>about life in a Zen temple called Fancy Dance. (Actually not only was I in it,
> I worked as an advisor for the actors.  Except for a couple of the large
>scenes in which monks of the temple were asked to ?lend their faces?, I was the
>only Zen priest in the cast).  From my perspective, this film although about
>life in a Zen temple is NOT a Zen movie. What do you think?
>Paul Tesshin Silverman

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