New Godzilla

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Mon Nov 17 01:30:03 EST 1997

Last night I had the distinct displeasure of a night at _Starship_Troopers_
(don't ask what I was doing there, please). The best part was the trailer
following up the new Aliens preview. A man trudges out on a dock, past his
friends that make jokes about his lack of success at snagging anything in
recent memory. Sitting at the end of the dock with one of those red and
white bobbers bouncing in front of him, he gets a hit. The line spools out
and rips the pole from his hands...."Godzilla daro!!!!" I whispered to my
wife, and sure enough it was. Looking at the trailer, it would seem they
will be playing up the camp values of Mr. G. This was also the strategy of
Starship Troopers, converting WWII propaganda ("Know Your Enemy") into high
camp; hopefully, Godzilla will be a smarter movie. But don't hold your


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