Search for Takeshi Kitano film distribution info

Tod Booth tboot
Thu Nov 20 22:39:39 EST 1997

Celluloid Dreams in Paris handles "Kids Return." Miramax has "Sonatine" and
will perhaps release it sometime in our lifetime -- they've announced
release dates for it half a dozen times already over the last couple of
years. As far as I know, the others are unavailable. I've tried many times
to get the films from Shochiku in Japan for a Takeshi Kitano weekend (at
the Castro in San Francisco), but they always told me the films are not
available for screenings. I figure they're holding out for a US
distributor. I've tried going through Office Kitano to get the films, but
they can't help -- Kitano doesn't own the rights to his own films, at least
the early ones. And there's some sort of lawsuit between Shochiku and
Office Kitano, so the bad blood doesn't make it any easier.


> Greetings All:
>I'm searching for theatrical distribution information for films by Takeshi
>Kitano.  I'm pleased to know that "Fireworks" will be released by Milestone
>Film & Video sometime in the New Year. I have sketchy info that films may
>be available from Celluloid Dreams in Paris and Kit Parker Films here in
>CA.  Any leads and PR would be greatly appreciated.  I'd love to try to
>plug in a double feature for the next calendar at the UC Theatre in
>Please post or contact me directly.
>Barron Sherer
>UC Theatre
>2036 University Avenue
>Berkeley, CA 94704
>fax:  (510) 843-6278
>e-mail:  bsherer at

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