Sato Tadao's Recent Works etc.

Janine Hansen jhansen
Fri Oct 3 16:22:48 EDT 1997


On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Li Hoo Cheong wrote

>Iwanami has been publishing excellent books on Japanese cinema. I forgot to mention its eight-volume work on Japanese film history which is the basic reference book. As neither my library nor myself has this title, I fail to recall its exact title.

It is called Koza nihon eiga and consists of 8 vols. of text and a
smaller one containing an index, published between 1985 and 1988.
Imamura Shohei, Shindo Kaneto, Tsurumi Shunsuke, Yamada Yoji, and Sato
Tadao were on the editorial board. Quite a few chapters of Sato?s 1995
work on film history are more or less revised versions of what he
published in Koza nihon eiga.

Janine Hansen

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