Takeshi Kitano's "Fireworks"

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Fri Oct 3 18:45:50 EDT 1997

>Has anyone on this list reviewed Takeshi Kitano's "Fireworks"
>We've just picked up the film for North America and would love to hear
>people's opinions (good and bad) about the film.
>Also does anyone know why the Japanese distributor is waiting until next
>March to release the film?
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So glad to hear you've picked up Fireworks! I saw it (twice!) at the
Toronto Film Festival where I work as a programmer. It was easily my
favourite film of the whole fest. The screening in a 900 seat theatre was
truly a treat. Each film is a continual improvement from the last. Kids
Return just had a short but successful run in a travelling selection of
contemporary Asian films and has been picked up for video release by a
local Toronto company called Mongrel Media. Not sure if those rights extend
into the States or not.
        Congratulations and good luck!
        Colin Geddes

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