Michael Hirohama kamesan
Sun Oct 5 15:02:58 EDT 1997

My name is Michael Hirohama, and I have been on this list for a few weeks.
I am interested in beginning to share my interest and experience of
Japanese film with members of this list.  I am a student in a teacher
training program in the San Francisco Bay Area and a substitute teacher.
My mother was born in Osaka and grew up in the country during WW2.
Japanese was my first language--the language of choice for parental
arguments.  For me, the Japanese language remains very expressive on the
level of affect.

My parents and I would watch Japanese films once or twice a year while I
was a child.  Since the time I saw my first, my favorite series of films
has been "Otoko wa tsurai yo" (Tora-san).  Since 1983, I have attended
four-fifth of the public screenings of Japanese films at the (Berkeley)
Pacific Film Archives.  Viewing these films has helped me to work through
most of my pain about being reared in a home filled with Japanese-style
interactions.  My favorite films include the original version of "Nijuu-shi
no hitomi" (Twenty-four Eyes), "Ikiru", and "Eki" (The Station).  My
favorite genre is the pre-war film.

Currently, I am exploring the nature of the Japanese from a
psychohistorical perspective.  I hope to use some of my experience with
viewing films in this endeavor.  Caveat: I have had no formal training in
studying media or film; the extent of my undergraduate social science and
humanities education was Psychology 1, Sociology 1, 18 units of Japanese
language, and English 1A, 1B.  My formal education has been primarily in
computer science, mathematics, and statistics.  Only recently have I begun
to take art, music, philosophy, and education courses.  In the future when
I err in my approach or due to a lack of basic information, I would
appreciate having these errors indicated so that I may learn and improve.

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