Lost films

L. Roosen-Runge lrr
Wed Oct 8 09:16:12 EDT 1997

There is a news feature in Reuters on lost Japanese films found in the
former Soviet Union.  A snippet of the story follows:

> Tuesday October 7 3:32 PM EDT 
> FEATURE: Happy Ending For Japan's Missing Movies
> By Jon Herskovitz 
> TOKYO (Reuter) - After 50 years listed as a casualty of war, the Japanese film classic "Oya" (The Parent) is finally on its
> way home. 
> It was snatched from Japan by the Soviet Union with hundreds of other film reels in the waning days of World War Two and
> taken to Moscow. 
> Three years of meticulous searching through dusty film cans in Russia's National Film Archive have finally unearthed "The
> Parent" and scores of other Japanese films previously believed to have been lost. 
> The silent movie, made in 1929, was seized as part of the spoils of war by the Soviet Union in 1945 from Japanese
> occupation forces in northeastern China. 
> According to Japanese researchers who worked with Russian authorities trawling through the Russian archive, about 1,400
> reels of seized film from about 230 movies have been found so far. 


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