Nihon no higeki

Peter B. High j45843a
Mon Oct 20 08:44:12 EDT 1997

> >In the course of my studies, I have developed a special interest in the 
> >films of Kinoshita Keisuke and would like to write my master's thesis on 
> >one of his films, namely Nihon No Higeki ( A Japanese Tragedy, Shochiku 
> >studios).

As far as I can tell, NIHON NO HIGEKI was formally published only once. This was in a now-defunct 
publication series-- SHINARIO BUNKOU--Eiga Taimusu-sha, Tokyo. Publication date: 6/1953. Volume 11.
The Tokyo Film Center seems to have it, but they will not be very helpful in getting a xerox to you. Best to 
check with TOWA/Kawakita Kinen Eiga Bunka Zaidan, Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 4-4-5--Tel. 033-561-6719

Hope you have some luck,
Peter B. High

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