Ah, still censorship in Japan

Joseph Murphy jamurphy
Mon Oct 20 16:59:52 EDT 1997

>Michael asked,
>>I have one question though: I talked with some friends who claimed
>>that the genitalia in Schindler's List _was_ pixillated. Does anyone know
>>if this was true? Or is the claim that the penises were pixillated but not
>>actually cut?
>"Pixillated"?  Isn't pixillation the form of animation using real objects
>and real people that Norman McLaren and others used?  Do you mean adding

I don't know if I want to drop this issue quite so quickly.  According to
Random House 'pixilated' is a combination of "pixy (fairy or sprite) +
(tit)illated" and means amusingly eccentric.  That must be where Norman
McLaren is working from.  But I also understand pixels to be those little
dots you see if you look at your TV too close, so in describing the effect
they use to cover genitals in japanese movies pixillated or pixellated
(pixel/pixil + scintillated or calibrated) somehow seems like the right
word.  And in response to Michael, I don't think anything is too small in
the context of this issue.  Or wait, maybe its pointillated.  Is anyone
listening from Adobe?


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