Asian Cinema searches

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Wed Oct 29 01:26:30 EST 1997

I read Sarah Strong's posting about the Bates position with great interest.
Although film appears in a fairly long list, I hope we can assume that its
appearance on KineJapan means *something....*

To follow up Sarah's announcement, here are positions specifically targeted
at Asian cinema at major film schools. Let's hope this is a trend among the
programs that can support a diverse film studies faculty! (By the way, I
wonder if the Berkeley position is the same one advertised last year; if
so, it may be that Asian cinema is listed first for reasons other than
alphabetical, since a friend there implied to me that there was great
interest in finding an Japanese cinema specialist in last year's

NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, Tisch School of Arts, Dept. of Cinema Studies, is
searching for two tenure track assistant professors to commence teaching in
Fall 1998.  The successful candidates will teach two courses per semester
on the undergraduate and graduate levels including core undergraduate
courses, participate in student advisement, and share in regular committee
work.  Salary is commensurate with rank. Specializations of particular
interest to the department include: Institutional and Industrial Approaches
to American and International Film; Television Studies; New Audio-Visual
Technologies; and Asian Cinema. Prior teaching experience and evidence of
administrative potential will be an advantage to the candidate.  Applicants
must have received their Ph.D. by June 1, 1998.  Please send a letter
stating your qualifications, curriculum vitae, selection of your most
representative work or
publications and three letters of recommendation to Professor Richard
Allen, Chair, Search Committee, Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch School
of the Arts, New York University, 721 Broadway, Room 600, New York, NY
10003.  Applications must be received by no later than Friday, December
5th.  NYU encourages applications from women and members of minority groups.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, appointment in Film Studies, with a
portion of  the teaching to be in another department (to be decided
according to the qualifications of the candidate), beginning July 1, 1998,
for an Assistant Professor (tenure track), Associate Professor, or Full
Professor.  Scholars of Asian and Asian-American Cinema, Latin American
Cinema, or Third Cinema are especially encouraged to apply.  Applicants
should have a broad film competence, demonstrable either through formal
study or publication record.  Applications should consist of letter,
curriculum vitae, names of three references, information about teaching
experience, and a writing sample of not more than 30 pages.  Send
application materials to the Search Committee, Film Studies Program, 2125
Dwinelle Hall #260, University of California, Berkeley, California
94720-2670. Please do not send materials by fax.  Deadline for
applications: November 1, 1997.  The University of California is an Equal
Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.

On another note, the AAS newsletter announced more than one search that
included cinema in the job description...this in addition to language
teaching duties, like the Bates position. For those on their way to
doctorates, you might take note and make sure you come out of your
schooling with language teaching skills. 

This might bode well for those interested in teaching Japanese cinema as a
part of their job description, and not simply for the sheer pleasure of it
all. I think it also has interesting implications for the study of Japanese
cinema as a "field," such as it is. It may bifurcate it into scholars with
literature training and those coming out of film schools. This has clearly
been in the works for a number of years, but it is too early to see if it
means anything at all. But certainly the appearance of jobs in the academy
will have impact of one sort or another.


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