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Thank you Aaron Gerow for this precious information. My only problem is
that I haven't got Japanese software to read your Japanese text. (By the
way, can you suggest me something?) If there is no Kanji involved, could
you please write the roman letters in small letters and the KATAKANA(K) or
HIRAGANA (H) syllables in capital letters. Maybe you find even a better
>The reason Harada's film uses an "l" is because the original title uses a 
>mix of roman letters and Japanese characters, as such:
>The proper romanization of the original title is thus technically "Baunsu 
>The expression normally used in Japanese is, in katakana,
>or "kogyaru" (not "kogaru") in romanized form.
>Why the producers decided to use "koGALS" in instead of "kogyaru" 
>(including the change in capitalization) is a good question, but the use 
>of English words or lettering in Japanese youth culture does have a long 
>history (its more hip, its presents an alternative to stifling  
>"Japaneseness," etc.).
Do you know other hip Japanese expressions with the "alien" L?

Thank you very much for both answers

Roger Fischer

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