Bethany Leigh Grenald bethany
Fri Aug 7 07:47:40 EDT 1998

Greetings all! I'm a graduate student in Anthropology, currently writing
my dissertation.   The topic of my dissertation is Japanese men and women
shellfish divers (called ama). As part of my interest in Japanese culture,
I'm interested in Japanese film.  I'm particularly interested in films
that relate to my dissertation, so I've been looking for films that have
images of shellfish divers in them -- some well-known examples would be
Tampopo (where the gangster, meets and shares a bloodly oyster with, a
young diver); the film version of Yukio Mishima's The Sound of Waves,
which takes place in a diving village, and the female lead is a diver; and
You Only Live Twice, the James Bond movie in which the "Bond Girl" is a
diver.  I have heard of another movie, Japanese, that features a Japanese
diver in it, but the person who told me about it didn't know the name of
it. I'm hoping you folks can help me.  The plot, simply, is about a widow
who is distressed after losing her husband, and so she goes to a diving
village, strikes up a friendship with a female diver, and becomes
reinterested in life. It's a fairly new movie. Does this sound familiar to
anyone? Any help would be appreciated. I'm in Japan now so if only I get
the name, I can locate the movie.
Bethany Grenald

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