Kamikaze Taxi

Robert Stuhr stuhr
Wed Aug 19 11:10:34 EDT 1998

At 09:18 19.08.1998 -0500, you wrote:
>A colleague not on the list is trying to locate a copy (preferably on
>video) of Masato Harada's Kamikaze Taxi (1995?).  Attempts to contact Pony
>Canyon directly have not been successful so far,  and I'm hoping that
>someone in the U.S. or Europe is distributing it for them.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks very much.
>Kerry Smith
>Department of History
>Brown University
>(401) 863-1246
>(401) 863-1040 (fax)
>Kerry_Smith at Brown.edu
A subtitled PAL version of KAMIKAZE TAXI was released in Autralia. Check
<http://www.sirenent.com.au/>. You should find the tape there. If not,
please contact me by email. Beware though! I bought a copy at a mailorder
here in Germany and the audiotrack was missing during the last 20-25
minutes. KAMIKAZE TAXI as a silent movie was an interesting experience ;-)

The company is going to correct this, but I haven't received the new tape

Robert Stuhr
stuhr at webtrek.de

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